The Predictive Dialer is a system in which the software automatically calls the client’s and connects the call to the agents when it receives a response. With Predictive Dialing, you no longer have to spend hours calling from your customers, as our Predictive Dialer automatically dials as many calls as you want. You agree on a contingent of your choice for Predictive Dialer to make marketing calls or campaigns. The Predictive Dialer automatically dials numbers based on the set quota and forwards calls only when connected. This eliminates the need for unanswered calls or waiting for a call to be connected. All you have to do is welcome your customer and let the Predictive Dialer do the rest. Our hosted Predictive Dialer is a VoIP system that not only saves you time, but also money. Get the money you’ve spent on all the hardware on your phone, and get a hosted Predictive Dialer that works with VoIP technology. Work efficiently and save time and money with our hosted Predictive Dialer!


The Predictive Dialer is reliable because it halves the workload of the agents and allows them to work competently without having to go through the dialing process.

Less Cost / Increase Leads

As a Predictive Dialer it offers the largest number of connected calls. The number of calls increases with the number of calls. The Predictive Dialer is very profitable. This saves you from buying hardware components, and that’s all you need to pay with Predictive Dialer.


Predictive Dialer only transmits calls to agents connected through an active client and the time this agent uses to wait for a call, a busy line, a missed call, an incoming call, and so on. It is now registered because of the Predictive Dialer.

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